30 Years on the Right Path

In 2023, we celebrated thirty years of presence in the Serbian market.

Throughout these long and industrious thirty years, thousands of people have passed through Nelt. Each of them has their precious memories and their own version of history, which we continue to build upon today.

What unites all generations of employees is the positive energy and passion with which we have built Nelt. Success is not only measured in the company’s turnover and profit, but also in the contribution of each of us to this journey, through relationships, respect, and dedication to the work we do. These values ​​have been nurtured and left as a mark, each in their own time.

Today, we are colleagues and friends who strive for professionalism, the highest standards, and successes. In moments when there are more than 5,000 of us across the Group, we shape the future in our unique way.

In this milestone year, we invest in projects that we want to leave as a legacy for future generations. In the coming weeks, you will be informed about the key activities that constitute the core of the Nelt 30 project.

We continue on the shared path towards the future. On the right track.