#AccelerateInnovations: Sales Reporting Process Transformation

As part of the implementation of our Accelerate strategy, the process of transforming sales reporting has commenced. This is a Data Management project initiated with the aim of effectively collecting, organizing, securing, verifying, and processing data.

In the previous period, workshops were held for the members of the sales analysis team to familiarize them with the new reporting process, and divisional reports were created in the new Power BI model.

“This transformation will significantly streamline data management and make daily work more efficient. In addition to establishing standardized report formats, the key benefits of the change include daily automatic updates, interactive visualization and data cross-referencing, better understanding of results, and faster decision-making,” stated Milena Pavlović, Sales Analysis Supervisor, adding: “We are proud of this improvement, which was achieved thanks to the teamwork of the Data Management team, SAP BI team, and sales analysis team.”