#AcceleratePartnerships Polimark: Nelt’s New Principal in the Serbian Market

Since February 2024, Nelt’s distribution portfolio in Serbia has been enriched with another partnership. This time, it’s with Polimark, a domestic company with a decades-long history of success and leadership in both domestic and regional markets.

The collaboration begins with great optimism, with the expectation that the first year of the partnership will bring in revenue of €34 million and create over 60 new jobs.

“With the tradition, values, and vision for the future that we share with Polimark, we believe that mutual success is assured. I am confident that through quality work in the field and achieved results, we will fully justify the trust of Polimark, as well as our customers in the Serbian market. Nelt Group has extensive experience in distribution and a very strong network, which are key factors for the successful start of the partnership with Polimark. Also, I would like to emphasize that both companies are focused on innovation and product quality, so together, we will provide the market with an even wider and better range of products, available in even more regions and stores in Serbia,” said Robert Jenovai, Executive Director of Nelt Group for the Serbian market.

Polimark was founded in 1989, and the production of its first brand began in 1992. Today, after more than thirty years of operation, it is the largest condiment manufacturer in the region. From the very beginning, the company’s goal has been product quality, which has helped it maintain a leading position in the market.

“Our focus will continue to be on quality, production, brands, and exports, and it is up to the distributor to make our portfolio even more accessible with their services. I am confident that we have made a good move because our partnership with Nelt guarantees a breakthrough in distribution and market share. This partnership represents an important step for both companies, opening up new opportunities for growth and expansion in the Serbian market, to the satisfaction of all our consumers,” said Vojin Starčević, owner of Polimark.

In addition to well-known brands of ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard, Polimark now produces a wide range of products such as table and spreadable margarines, cooked and canned tomatoes, various sauces and dressings, universal seasonings, cooking cream, and whipped cream. Polimark’s daily production capacity has increased from the initial 120 kg to an impressive 140 tons, with over 50% of the products destined for markets outside of Serbia.