#AcceleratePerformance Nelt’s Jacobs Central Team Awarded for Best Performance

Nelt’s team, managing the Jacobs brand across 6 regional markets, recently won a prestigious global award at the JDE company conference, the largest European “Pure player” coffee manufacturer, held in Amsterdam. Representatives from JDE praised our achievement, emphasizing that Jacobs brand sales in these markets have doubled in the last few years.

In the global competition of over 50 markets, the Jacobs team was awarded for the best performance in the past year, as well as for the launch of new Jacobs capsules, becoming a leader in this product category in just eight months.

“The award represents a significant recognition for our organization and confirmation of the outstanding results we have achieved in the markets of the Western Balkans,” emphasizes Stevan Kostić, Manager of Distribution Operations for the Jacobs program.

Congratulations to our colleagues on this exceptional success!