Darko Lukić New Nelt Group CEO as of July 1st

With a synergy of organisation change, investment in digital transformation and development of African markets, the Nelt Group continues its accelerated growth. More than 200 managers of the Group’s companies attended the third annual “Accelerate 2025” conference, focused on the present business strategy.

Miloš Jelić, the first Nelt Group CEO, becomes a member of the Supervisory Board after 24 years in the company, whereas the position of the Chief Executive Officer will be assumed by Darko Lukić, the present Executive Vice President, as of July 1st.

“In today’s business environment, change is of pivotal significance for further development. Adequately implemented changes create new opportunities for growth and positive transformation. I will stay with Nelt as a member of the Supervisory Board, which will provide me with the opportunity to view business operations and contribute from a different perspective. We are continuing our journey with optimism, courage and exceptional gratitude for everything we have
accomplished together,” said Jelić.

In the coming period, the company will focus on further strengthening of organisation, continued investments in digital transformation, as well as investment in innovation.

“Empowered by positive results and success of the “Accelerate 2025” strategy, we are advancing with transformation, based on healthy organisation, investments in digital innovation and further diversification of Nelt’s operations. In order to provide the best service and products for our principals, buyers and customers, we will be agile, motivated and open for communication with all stakeholders. I am certain that we have human and financial resources to utilise plenty of opportunities for further business growth and I am grateful for the opportunity to lead the company in the next development phase,” said Lukić.

Since the launch of the “Accelerate 2025” strategy, Nelt’s total capital investments have reached nearly EUR 50 million, with a significant share invested in new technologies, equipment and business sustainability.

The event was organised at the Hilton Hotel in Belgrade, with an overview of ongoing status of projects and plans for the coming period presented in the program segments titled “Year in Review“, “Future Outlook“ and “Nelt Talks“.

Within the conference, the Change Management Workshop was organised for attendees, aimed at additional education in managing change. The “Hello Africa“ panel provided specific insights into distribution and production operations, as well as life in the African market.

Furthermore, the Top Accelerator awards were granted this year to the teams who realised projects contributing to the company’s accelerated growth last year.