#AccelerateDigital: Milan Bukorović at Microsoft Industry Day

Milan Bukorović, Executive Director for Information and Communication Technologies at Nelt Group, was one of the prominent speakers at Microsoft Industry Day event, which gathered the most significant partners of this company.

The primary goal of the conference was to present new achievements, technologies, and opportunities that Microsoft offers to the Serbian market.

Milan talked about the implementation of Microsoft Cloud technology in our organization. According to him, every digital transformation relies on the Cloud, and it is impossible to achieve today’s speed and scalability without following this trend.

“Last year, our company incorporated Microsoft Azure through the Data Management project, adding Azure Synapse as an Enterprise Data Warehouse and Power BI as a presentation tool. Data availability accompanies the optimization of business processes, and it is crucial to provide access to relevant data to the maximum number of users,” Milan said.

He also emphasized that data availability simultaneously exposes us to threats and Cyber ​​attacks that can potentially lead to data loss or damage to the company’s reputation, highlighting the importance of responsibility for each of us.