#AccelerateInnovation Automation in Nelt’s Supply Chain

A new technologically advanced solution has recently been implemented in Nelt’s warehouse.

In line with the global trend of process automation in the supply chain, our operations have implemented an automated storage system – Vertical Lift Module (VLM). Four new machines are located in Hall 4 at the CDLC facility in Dobanovci and will be used for the Pharma assortment.

VLM is a closed system for storing and picking items known for numerous benefits such as space savings, improved efficiency, and increased employee productivity levels. It consists of 96 mobile shelves from which goods are distributed by a special lift in a way that optimizes the use of warehouse space. Additionally, the lift responds to commands and automatically retrieves and delivers trays of goods to the operator at the workstation.

Miloš Miletić, Supply Chain Technology Manager, says that this device introduces a new working principle in the warehouse and replaces the existing conventional logic of “man to goods” with the “goods to man” principle.

The main benefits for our colleagues include preparing larger quantities of goods in a shorter period, a higher level of workplace safety, and increased performance through automated processes and ergonomic machine design.

Quick inventory overview, inventory security, and facilitated work for our colleagues will improve warehouse processes sustainably and provide our company with a competitive advantage in the market.