#AccelerateInnovation: Large-Scale SFA Application Test

As part of the Accelerate 2025 strategy, the implementation of the SFA platform commenced in September of last year, and recently, in preparation for the new launch, testing of the innovated functions and content of the application was conducted.

The primary goal of this digital platform is to enhance the efficiency of the sales organization by optimizing time spent in stores, increasing sales through new initiatives, improving internal and external communication, and reducing administrative tasks.

Following a series of educational workshops, training sessions, and seminars, the application testing took place from August 14th to 18th, attended by colleagues from various divisions.

During this period, enhancements to existing application functionalities were presented, along with the introduction of new features. Participants had the opportunity to share their perspectives on current functionalities and provide suggestions for potential further improvements.

The advantages that SFA brings include process digitalization, providing all necessary information in real-time, and facilitating vertical communication within the organization.