#AccelerateInnovation: Second Nelt Customer Day Held

This event, dedicated to our customers and business partners, aimed to strengthen collaborations, showcase best practices, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

In the introductory address, our business partners were welcomed by Miloš Jelić, CEO of Nelt Group.

During the first part of the event, presentations were delivered by Miloš Drača from Microsoft, Altan Atabarut from Akinona, and Biljana Atanasković, Manager for Data Management and Reporting at Nelt Group. They discussed the importance of data and how it drives business development, the changes in the supply chain triggered by digitization, as well as the significance of digital strategy and proper data management.

Miloš Drača showcased examples of best practices and successful digital projects at Microsoft, emphasizing, “Data democratization, top management support, innovative partnerships, and belief in the power of data – these guaranteed paths lead the company to success.”

Altan Atabarut discussed innovations in the supply chain, factors influencing its transformation, how companies digitally transform and monetize current market trends. He concluded by urging all attendees to collaborate in data exchange, interpretation, and optimal utilization.

Our colleague, Biljana Atanasković, elaborated on Nelt’s digital strategy, data management approach, cloud architecture, automated reporting, and data analysis methods. She emphasized, “An integrated approach to data and its analysis is crucial. Don’t forget that data quality affects making good business decisions.” Biljana added, “I am proud that colleagues at Nelt perceive data as the company’s strategic asset.”

The event continued with a panel discussion titled “Data, Analytics and Education,” moderated by Milan Bukorović, Executive Director for Information Technology at Nelt Group.

Panelists including Miloš Drača, Altan Atabarut, Darko Lukić, and Aleksandar Mastilović, a representative of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, discussed the impact of artificial intelligence on the development of new professions, changing business practices, the current shortage of human resources, and the skills that new technologies demand us to adopt. Darko Lukić concluded the panel by calling for collaboration in data exchange and analytics development. “Together we achieve more than each of us individually; together, we win and can overcome all challenges ahead,” Darko emphasized.

Aligned with the event’s theme, business results, digital initiatives, and strategies were presented by Miloš Jelić, Darko Lukić, and Marko Cilić on behalf of our company. They presented development plans for all three pillars of our business, methods to enhance collaboration with existing partners, and expansion into new markets.

Key business parameters at our companies Neoplanta and Baby Food Factory were presented by Aco Tomašević and Nenad Nikolovski, Executive Directors.

Nenad showcased new Nutrino products from the oat line, stating, “We strive to further develop our brand and new products in the coming year, maintaining the highest standards of food production for all generations.”

Aco Tomašević stated that Neoplanta’s focus will remain on developing products of the highest quality, improving recipes, and strengthening the company’s brand.

Nelt Customer Day concluded with key messages conveyed to our customers and partners by Miloš Jelić: “I invite you to continue building our ecosystem through digitalization and automation, to encourage and develop each other, and to achieve our common goals in our value chain.”

Following the formal part, a cocktail reception was held for attendees.