#AccelerateInnovation – Tradex Project / User Acceptance Test Training

In the previous period, successful workshops were held on training key users of the new promotional tool, which is part of Nelt’s joint project with companies Kantar and NTT. Partners from the company NTT attended the workshops, presenting basic information about the tool and how it is used. Key users from sales, inventory planning, finance, and customer service received basic information about the tool and how it is utilized.

The workshops were highly interactive, and the collected information is extremely valuable as it enables the understanding of the process from various perspectives.

We would like to thank all the workshop participants who contributed to their success: Dejan Stevanović, Dijana Stanojević, Aleksandar Petrović, Dejan Simić, Vladimir Stosić, Tamara Vasić, Ivana Raičević, Nemanja Šalipur, Sara Mrdović, Dragana Kolaković, Andreja Brkić, Aleksandra Ristanović, Biljana Avramović, Aleksandar Lazarević, Milica Bogosavljević, Bojan Bosnić, and Miloš Komadina. Additionally, we would like to express gratitude to the project team that supported this process: Miloš Sebić, Vanja Janković, Dušan Ćetković, Dragana Lečić, Jelena Popović, and Mladen Adžić. Your dedication and expertise were crucial for the successful implementation of these workshops.