#AccelerateInnovations Implementation of SFA & B2B Platform Commences

One of the initiatives under the #Accelerate2025 strategy is the implementation of a new SFA & B2B platform, which commenced in September.

The primary objective is to enhance the efficiency of the sales organization through optimizing time spent in stores, increasing turnover through upsell & cross-sell initiatives, improving internal and external communication, as well as reducing administrative tasks.

Support for the implementation of the SFA & B2B application process is provided by the internal training team through educational workshops. From September 2022 to January 2023, training and education will be conducted for over 1,000 employees in the Distribution sector. The education plan includes tutorials, video content, classroom training, knowledge testing, and working on PBI reports in a test environment.

Three workshops for supervisors and project ambassadors have been conducted so far. The first two workshops took place in Dobanovci, while the third workshop, held at the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, saw Ivana Ristić, Manager of Business Model Digitalization, and Aleksa Šaponjić, Manager of Digital Products, presenting the project plan for SFA and the long-term perspective of the B2B application.

Žarko Savić, Sales Organization Development Manager, highlights that process improvement is one of the initiatives of the Accelerate2025 Strategy, and the implementation of the new SFA & B2B platform will help us strengthen our market-leading position and provide a better customer experience for our sales teams, partners, and customers alike.

Robert Jenovai, Executive Director for the Serbian market, shared his experience working in the sales sector during this workshop. Darko Lukić, Executive Vice President of the Nelt Group, emphasized the importance of introducing new functionalities for both us and the market. Our goals include customer satisfaction, efficient resource utilization, and investment in promotions.

The internal training team for the SFA & B2B platform consists of colleagues: Olivera Borisavljević, Tina Marinković, Milanka Savić, Ivana Ristić, Željko Nikodijević, Vladimir Stošić, Vasilije Radmanović, Nenad Marić, Predrag Barović, Ivan Cakić, and Igor Zečević, with great support from the Data Management team.