#AccelerateInnovations Nelt Group Launches Tradex Management Project

Our company launched the Tradex Management project last month aimed at improving the process of managing promotions and contractual allowances, which is one of our strategic projects.

The Tradex Management project will be implemented as a software solution by Kantar XTEL, one of the leading companies providing revenue management solutions to companies.

On this occasion, together with representatives from Kantar XTEL and NTT DATA Italia, we organized a kick-off event attended by our colleagues from the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The presentation was delivered by a representative from NTT Data Italia, who explained the project scope, phases, timeline, working method, and methodology. Executive Vice President of Nelt Group, Darko Lukić, presented the project’s importance for our organization, as well as the benefits we will gain after successful implementation.

Manager of Commercial Policy and Promotion Management, Jelena Popović, emphasized that the entire event unfolded in a pleasant atmosphere on both sides.

“The positive atmosphere has been present since the beginning of work on this project and provides an excellent foundation for collaboration and successful implementation of this important project. Managing promotions and contractual allowances is of immense importance to our company, and through smarter management and better control of these investments, we will ensure the achievement of long-term goals,” stated Jelena.