#AccelerateInnovations Robotic Process Automation in the Finance Sector

In the finance sector, a pilot project for the implementation of an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platform has commenced, in collaboration with partners Comtrade SI and Simplify.

Aligned with our overarching business strategy “Accelerate 2025” and the advancement of digitalization, the project focuses on automating selected financial processes in the markets of Serbia, North Macedonia, and Montenegro.

At the end of May, the first three robots were deployed in the production environment, with further development and deployment of four more robots expected in the coming months. Current estimates project the completion of the project by October of the current year.

Marko Cilić, CFO of the Nelt Group, states that this is one of the tools we will utilize in the company’s digital transformation, aiming to accelerate, automate, and streamline our processes.

“Software robots (and automation, in general) are here to make our work easier, wherever possible, by relieving us of repetitive, manual tasks, thus freeing up time for activities we couldn’t undertake before. They potentially can also add value. By using RPA, we can receive some reports more frequently and faster, without investing our time in their preparation. In the future, we want to continue analyzing processes and identify where we can use RPA to aid simplification,” said Marko.

The project also includes knowledge transfer as the basis for our future independent work on developing new robots and automating processes, not only in the finance sector but also in other sectors, which have shown great interest in the project from the outset.

The significance of such a project has been recognized by the EBRD, with whom we are in the final stages of negotiations regarding our involvement in their Knowledge Economy initiative concerning the automation of business processes.

Marko Jovanović, Head of Microsoft Business Operations – Adriatic Region, emphasizes that our company approached the implementation of software solutions in a very organized and systematic manner, providing a solid foundation for efficient platform scaling and a secure and fast return on investment.

“RPA technology is the fastest-growing segment of Enterprise software worldwide, and we are pleased that Nelt has recognized this by focusing on this technology within its digitalization strategy. The Comtrade and Simplify implementation methodology not only encompasses efficient technical development but also includes an analysis of business processes in line with best practices, workshops aimed at transferring knowledge to the client, and the creation of an operational model that establishes procedures and processes within the company necessary for the successful maintenance of robots,” stated Marko Jovanović.