#AccelerateLogistics Aleva, a New Client in Logistics

In September of this year, Nelt initiated collaboration in the logistics domain with the leading producer of healthy food products, “Aleva,” from Novi Kneževac.

The collaboration with Aleva involves providing primary transportation services from their factory in Novi Kneževac to Nelt’s CLDC in Dobanovci, receiving goods from the factory, storage, preparation, and delivery to over 300 delivery points daily, as well as reverse logistics services as needed and requested.

According to the Sales and Domestic Logistics Development Manager, Nenad Diković, it was clear from the beginning that we would start a successful collaboration with Aleva.

“Aleva knew exactly what they wanted in terms of logistics. We quickly understood each other and realized that we share the same values and a common desire for complete customer satisfaction. Our communication is extremely transparent, the demands are professional, and the approach to work is collaborative,” emphasizes Nenad.

Since its establishment in 1947, Aleva has been engaged in the processing and grinding of paprika, which will remain its symbol to this day. Aleva is now a modern company with over 120 products in nearly 200 different packages and is one of the leading food product manufacturers in the domestic market.

Thanks to consumer trust and recognized high product quality, Aleva is a leader in the ground paprika category, single-component spices, and instant soups (Quik) in Serbia, and among the leading manufacturers in other categories of its portfolio in the domestic and neighboring markets.

In addition to traditional products, Aleva is dedicated to developing new recipes tailored to the changing desires and habits of consumers: the desire for quick and easy meal preparation is complemented by the requirement for healthy options that meet daily nutrient needs. Recognizing the growing need for “on-the-go” and instant products for consumers who do not have enough time and opportunities for traditional meal preparation, the Natur product line was created to cover the need for natural and healthier ingredients, and Quik soups were introduced to enable quick and easy preparation of a warm, light meal without cooking.