#AccelerateLogistics Collaboration Started with Podravka

In mid-November 2022, our company initiated collaboration with one of the leading food companies in Croatia – Podravka.

The collaboration includes receiving and storing goods and promotional materials, transportation, and delivery of goods to customers, and upon clients’ request, freight forwarding and international transportation services can also be provided.

As highlighted by the Sales and Domestic Logistics Development Manager, Nenad Diković, Podravka was contacted in June 2021 with the intention to start collaboration.

“In March 2022, we received tender documentation and started creating a logistics model and preparing the first commercial offer. Negotiations lasted until September when we were officially selected as the new logistics provider for Podravka in Serbia. We are very pleased that Podravka has joined Nelt’s logistics flock. We believe that the collaboration will bring additional synergy to our logistics processes, and the client will be satisfied with the service we provide,” explains Nenad.

The story of Podravka begins in 1934 when the Wolf brothers in Koprivnica founded a fruit processing workshop, which thirteen years later became known as “Podravka.” Seventy-five years have passed since then, and today Podravka is among the leading Croatian international companies operating worldwide.