#AcceleratePartnerships Nelt and Fortenova Group Commence Collaboration in North Macedonia

Two major regional companies, Nelt and Fortenova Group, began their collaboration in the North Macedonia market at the beginning of 2023, where Nelt will provide logistics and distribution services for Fortenova Group’s brands – Jamnica and Dijamant.

While North Macedonia is already one of the most important export markets for Jamnica, with Jana ice tea being a leader in its category and Jana among the top five non-carbonated waters, it will be one of the strategic export focuses for Dijamant in 2023. Dijamant will introduce its entire range of products to North Macedonia – oils, solid and spreadable margarines, mayonnaise, and mayo-based dressings under the Dijamant and Dobro Jutro brands.

“We have taken a significant step forward by initiating cooperation with such a reputable partner as Fortenova Group. In line with Nelt Group’s current strategy, we are accelerating our business, and we are pleased to have such significant brands as Jamnica, Jana, and Dijamant in our portfolio,” stated Saško Blaževski, Executive Director for the North Macedonia market, adding that the experience and standards applied by Nelt in its daily operations within its distribution and logistics network will ensure successful and long-term collaboration.

“In the coming period, through cooperation with Nelt, we expect further expansion of our assortment in stores so that by the end of the year, we will increase from the current 1,200 to over 2,000 stores in North Macedonia. It is also very important for us to introduce products to the market that are less known but have great potential, and the goal is to achieve results with all brands present in this market similar to those we have with Jana ice tea and Jana. In the next period, we will be present in the North Macedonia market with almost the entire range: Jana, Jamnica, Jana vitamins, Jana ice teas, Jana fruit-flavored waters, Mg Mivela, Sara, Toco, Prosport, and ProGame,” said Dejan Varga, Director of Export at Fortenova Group’s Beverage Division, which includes Jamnica.

On the other hand, through this exclusive partnership, Dijamant strengthens its focus on the North Macedonia market and expands its presence on retail shelves, which, along with the opening of a new factory for the production of raw and edible oils in Zrenjanin, is the best way to mark this year’s jubilee 85th anniversary of operation.

In conjunction with the commencement of the new collaboration, kick-off meetings were held in Skopje, where export teams presented Fortenova Group companies, the assortment and brands, and plans for the Macedonian market.