#AcceleratePeople New Employee Day

In our company in Dobanovci, a new employee day was held as part of the new Induction program “MRCH Accelerate,” aimed at faster integration, skill development, and increased motivation for colleagues working in entry-level positions in the distribution sector.

The event was welcomed by Robert Jenovai, Executive Director for the Serbian market, who shared his career story at Nelt with them. Žarko Savić, Sales Organization Development Manager, as well as representatives from the Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Logistics, and Security sectors, also addressed the attendees.

“Starting a new job is a big event for all new employees, and we want to support them through the OnBoarding process and new employee day. We want new colleagues to gain the necessary knowledge for their job, but also to feel satisfied and motivated in the process. We aim to make the process of adapting to a new environment faster and easier. I would like to thank colleagues from the logistics, security, distribution, and HR sectors who prepared their presentations, organized warehouse tours, and shared best practices with new employees,” said Žarko.

This type of gathering allows new colleagues to get to know each other and to be informed in a carefully planned manner about the basic segments of the company’s operations, vision, values, history, as well as basic legally regulated obligations (fire safety training, first aid, etc.).

Special attention was given to the “Merchandising School,” where positive examples from practice were discussed, and new colleagues were given advice regarding future business activities.

In the future, new employee days will be held once a month.