Held Annual Media Conference

In the jubilee year of operations, the Nelt Group achieved a historically highest level of revenue of 1.3 billion euros, announced at the traditional media conference held today at Nelt’s central logistics and distribution center in Dobanovci.

Media representatives were addressed by Miloš Jelić, CEO of the Nelt Group, Darko Lukić, Executive Vice President, and Bojana Mucić, Executive Director of Human Resources.

The main topics discussed at the conference included achieved business results, new partnerships and principals with whom cooperation has begun in the past eleven months, our projects and the status of strategic initiatives, the strategy for the development of the pharmaceutical business, and plans for the next year.

Miloš Jelić reflected on Nelt’s successes over the past 30 years through a retrospective of our business operations. “Whether it’s revenue, the number of employees, or clients, over all these years, our organization has developed progressively and exceeded set goals,” said Miloš, adding, “Our people are responsible for this success. Nelt is where it is because of its greatest capital and competitive advantage – human resources.”

The media were presented with the work of our organization in the field of implementing ESG standards and practices through which we strive to make a concrete contribution to the community and the environment, which is not solely economic. The Nelt Group currently produces 6.5 MW of electricity from sustainable sources in Serbia and North Macedonia, with plans to increase by an additional 11 MW, including Montenegro.

Darko Lukić presented the achievements of our business strategy Accelerate 2025 and focused on the work focus for the next period – growth and development of the pharmaceutical business, further development of brands, and business development in the African market.

“In the next year, we expect an increase in sales and faster revenue growth. If we remain faithful to our strategy, I am confident that we will achieve our goals,” emphasized Darko.

Bojana Mucić highlighted the achievements in the field of human resources.

This year, our organization has invested 5 million euros in increasing salaries and opened 264 new jobs, improved the organizational health of the company, and continued to focus on the personal and professional development of each individual.

“The story of 30 years of Nelt is a story of people who have created and developed Nelt,” concluded Bojana.

You can read the official announcement from the conference HERE.