In the Albanian market, SAP system and SFA application introduced

Two important standardization projects were implemented in our company in the Albanian market this week – the use of SAP system for business data management was introduced, as well as Nelt SFA application intended for field sales representatives, adapting them to the current fiscalization process.

As the Executive Director of Information and Communication Technologies, Milan Bukorović, states, this step enables the unification of processes in accordance with Group standards, as well as better control and manageability of documents.

“Albania has so far had mostly information systems that were not standard for the Group. Locally used financial ERP – FI5, open source OpenBravo, and local SFA application for sales representatives were in use. WMS Gold was the only standard system in use. These solutions did not provide a long-term perspective and support operations with new principals,” Milan emphasized.

Task execution, as he said, will now be faster, and we will have room for expanding operations.

“Additionally, with the implementation of SAP, Albania is included in the Data Management project, and data about their operations will be visible in reports. We continue to accelerate in this segment of business and implement our #Accelerate2025 strategy,” he said.

We thank all participants in the project for their contribution to ensuring that such an important initiative is implemented within the specified deadlines and with high quality.