Nelt Group Unveils “Accelerate 2025” Strategy

The management of Nelt Group has introduced the strategy for the next three years of business under the name “Accelerate 2025”. Its aim is to enhance operations in the distribution, logistics, and Nelt brands segments, based on a healthy organization and corporate values.

The strategy was presented by the CEO of Nelt Group, Miloš Jelić, Executive Vice President Darko Lukić, General Manager of the Baby Food Factory Nenad Nikolovski, General Manager of Neoplanta Aco Tomašević, CFO Branislav Lajšić, Sales and Domestic Logistics Services Development Manager Nenad Diković, Nelt Pharmaceutical Operations Manager Milenko Ribić, Distribution Operations Improvement Manager Ivica Tomić, Digital Products Manager Aleksa Šaponjić, Data Management Manager Biljana Atanasković, and IT Executive Director Milan Bukorović.

At the outset, Miloš Jelić addressed the audience, highlighting the fact that we have faced two years of complex and unpredictable circumstances and adapted to a new way of working. As he noted, Nelt has weathered these challenges excellently, and 2021 was successful in all business indicators, not only in terms of profit but also qualitatively, in building values and relationships with employees and clients.

Darko Lukić emphasized that the goals of the Strategy include identifying new partners in distribution and logistics, strategic initiatives, sustainable sources for growth with existing businesses, prerequisites for achieving the strategy, and rebalancing profits between distribution, logistics, and brands.

However, for the Strategy to be fulfilled, it is necessary to meet certain prerequisites, including a healthy organization, enhancing knowledge and skills at all levels of the company, appropriate infrastructure and technology, and creating sources of competitive advantage.

After the presentation of the Strategy, as a surprise for all attendees, the actor, director, and producer Dragan Bjelogrlić joined the event. He engaged in a conversation on the business aspect of the film industry with Corporate Communications Manager Marko Milanković on stage, discussing the importance of marketing in film, what vision means in the business world versus in art, and similar topics.

The event took place at the Museum of Yugoslav Film Archive and brought together all managers and directors of Nelt’s companies in the region. Since expatriates were unable to attend the event, they followed the entire presentation live on our YouTube channel.