Nelt-SAS Day Held – Our Company Can Be a Regional Leader in Digital Transformation

In November, a two-day joint event of the Data Management team and the “SAS” institute titled “Nelt-SAS Day” was held in our company.

The aim of this event was to present new trends in the CPG industry and supply chain management in times of constant change, and ways in which real-time data and advanced analytics can improve logistical and distribution business. The data management system in our company was analyzed, and possibilities for its improvement were discussed.

On this occasion, the Director of SAS in Italy and Regional Vice President Mirella Cerutti emphasized that it is always an interesting experience to work with companies like Nelt – those that truly believe in the power of analytics and are determined to lead the way in changes and innovations. She highlighted that SAS’s mission is to empower and inspire with reliable analytics.

“We are very inspired by the way Nelt as an organization is transforming in terms of digitalization, and I hope we will continue this journey together,” Mirella said.

Digital Transformation & Innovation Lead for the Middle East, Turkey, and Central Asia, Altan Atabarut, when asked how new trends affect Nelt’s business strategy and how to be prepared for them, responded that using SAS Viya machine learning tools can improve many aspects of the company’s operations – from inventory management, administrative tasks at multiple locations, notifications for employees in the supply chain, and many others.

“Even when the basic automation of processes in supply chains is successfully completed, there is a need to build a reliable system that does not make mistakes because many steps and processes are still done manually. However, Nelt and SAS have taken the first steps to change that,” Altan stated.

He emphasized that the automation we need is not only related to transportation and production systems powered by human labor or machines operating in repetitive assembly, picking, packing, and loading cycles.

“Today’s supply chain needs ‘smart automation’ that is modern and future-oriented, not based on old needs and ideas. ‘Smart automation’ is data-driven and available to us in real-time,” he said.

The General Manager for SAS Adriatic, Rosanda Milatović Skorić, believes that Nelt is in an excellent position to be a leader in digital transformation in the broader region of the Western Balkans.

“Nelt is positioned to become the center of an ecosystem where decisions are made based on artificial intelligence, providing data and services driven by artificial intelligence to all its partners. This would enable Nelt to start providing services to its partners in their internal processes within the supply chain,” Rosanda concluded.