Our Company in Zambia Named Distributor of the Year

Our company in Zambia has won the Distributor of the Year award from SC Johnson at a three-day event held in Johannesburg.

The recognition was received on behalf of the company by Dragana Ivković, Sales Manager, and Bojan Vasiljević, Portfolio Manager, and it was presented by Adedeji Adesina, Export Manager, Sherman Makenna, Export Director, and Julierme Diniz, General Manager for Africa Cluster.

The event was attended by distributors from the largest markets in Africa. Representatives of numerous companies participated in interactive workshops discussing plans for the upcoming year in the context of export development. Additionally, a workshop on establishing multisectoral collaboration, its significance, and contribution to achieving set goals was organized. On the final day of the event, during the gala dinner, awards were presented, and our company was recognized as the best distributor for export markets.

“This award is particularly dear to us because SC Johnson is one of our oldest partners in Africa with whom we have made significant progress in the Zambian market,” stated Dragana.

Congratulations to our colleagues in Zambia on their outstanding achievements and significant recognition!