#AcceleratePeople Salary Increase and Private Health Insurance for Employees

Motivated, dedicated, and competent employees have been the main driver of progress for Nelt Group for three decades, and we achieve outstanding business results thanks to an organizational culture whose main value is caring for people.

To confirm our commitment to the values we promote, we have made a significant investment in our employees.

More than 3,200 employees in non-managerial positions in the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania received a salary increase and the benefit of private health insurance (PHI) this summer.

Salary increases were provided to 2,700 employees, representing an additional investment of €1.8 million annually for the company. We expanded the private health insurance benefit to an additional 500 colleagues, with an additional investment of €300,000 annually planned for this benefit.

Bojana Mucić, Executive Director for Human Resources, sees this step as part of the company’s strategic commitment to making important decisions guided by caring for people.

“Our aim is to create a pleasant and stimulating work environment that will inspire employees in their daily work and give them a sense of security and long-term perspective. Along with many other existing benefits and previous salary adjustments, these benefits represent a step further in increasing employee satisfaction and strengthening our position as a desirable employer in all the markets where we operate,” says Bojana.